Lone Star Ranch Hunts
Double B Resort

Welcome to our Ranch
We strive for "PERSONAL QUALITY"...over "Impersonal Quantity". Our goal is focused on providing our Hunters & Guest the highest-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to not only Meet...but Exceed your expectations on your next great hunting adventure with us.

" Award Winning Trophy Spotted Fallow Buck Hunt "

We have a massive selection of different Exotic & Rare Super African Game to choose from. We offer Whitetail, Wild Hogs, Turkey & Bird hunts, Helicopter Wild Hog Hunts, Dog Hunts for Wild Hogs & Dog Hunts for Raccoon's. We provide affordable hunting all year round.

' HUNTS for HOPE - Wounded Warrior & Vets '
" Helicopter Wild Hog Hunt "  

' HUNTS for HOPE - Children Battling Terminal Illnesses '
" Zebra  Hunt "

We can accommodate everything from our High-Quality Meat Hunts to our Trophy, New World Record, Diamond & Gold Class Hunts. Our Award Winning Records speak for themselves about the Quality of our Game, and our repeat clientele and referrals sustains our Reputation of our Affordability of our greatly discounted prices.


We offer Blind, Safari and Spot & Stalk Hunts. 

                         " RARE PERSIAN IBEX HUNT "  

We gladly accommodate Bow and Rifle Hunters.  You can choose any method of collection of your choice.   We offer Fair Chase/Low Fence Hunts, as well as over 1200 acres of high fence hunting. The terrain consist of thick brush, open fields, large trees, tall grasses, live water creeks abundant throughout the entire Ranch, deep ravines, tall bluffs and spectacular hill country views of rolling hills.   It is extremely important to us to make certain our hunters experience a great hunting adventure during their stay with us.  There is an abundance of live water all over the 1200 acre Ranch.

" Trophy Nilgia Bull Hunt "

We are a Handicap Accessible Facility.  
Please notify us of any special arrangements so that we can best serve your needs.

' Wild Hog Hunt with Dogs '


We offer 'Catch & Release' Fishing year round for Bass, Perch and Catfish.


We are extremely family oriented and thoroughly enjoy the wonderful families that hunt year after year with us, and the new ones that come to us each year.  There is never a Non-Hunting Guest Fee because we believe it is up to all of us to pass the tradition of hunting to our children... our future hunters who will be providing meat for their families. Making and sharing memories in the
woods with our children is greatly encouraged here at the Ranch. 


Your next Adventure

We are looking extremely forward to providing you with your next Affordable & Successful Hunting Adventure with us.  Look around our website and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at
(830) 990-9500.

Our Resort

Our Resort is nestled in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Our scenic view of rolling hills, live water creeks and gentle breezes blowing across the Ranch, and viewing all the amazing wildlife provide a relaxing and peaceful environment for your stay.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing our Hunters & Guest
with quality lodging accommodations all year round. 
We accommodate single to large group and corporate
lodging for 
the lowest price in the Hill Country area. 

***  50% Non-Refundable Deposit is Required to book Reservation,
and the remaining balance is due at time of Checkout ***